The Life Design Session was very moving. Kathleen was very good at keeping me present and on track with the process. She was very organized and articulate which helped to guide me. She created a very safe space for me to go deep. I have been through a lot of counseling and this was very different and eye opening. I am grateful that I signed up for this program.  Mark T.

Kathleen is a great coach. She holds a very clear and safe space for me to explore my purpose and goals. She is a superb listener and is excellent at guiding me through my challenges. Damon K.

“It was a real pleasure for me to have my Life Design assessment session with Kathleen Pleasants. She is very professional, efficient, and has great skills as a coach and in handwriting analysis. She helped me to explore my beliefs, understand what specific area of my life I should work to get the results I want, and she designed my mission statement. I thoroughly recommend everyone to go through this program with her.” ~Paula Faccio 

Thank you for helping me get more clarity with my health through our coaching sessions.  The mission statement is working for me. I read it every night.  I am reflecting on all the things that we have worked on and am reviewing my session notes. I think this deeper look into parts of your life can help many people like it did me.  Shannon B.

​I am beyond grateful that I found KATHLEEN. We have worked together with coaching for only a few months and she has helped me tremendously. A truly caring professional. If you are wondering if you should schedule and appt, I say don't wait another day and call her! Life changing. Patty D.

Dear Kathleen, 
How can I ever thank you for all the help you gave me in regaining my activity level.
When I came to you my physical therapist, who was treating me for various ankle issues, had told me not to plan on doing anymore long walks or half marathons and instead of increasing my level of fitness, perhaps it was a good idea to just maintain. I was feeling sad and listless because I had been an active person who likes to do long walks and experience life to the fullest. To my delight, you zeroed in on my body and discovered a tightness in my calves and various spots of scar tissue that you were able to work out for me. It took patience and your knowledge that got me to this point and for that I am so grateful as the Carlsbad Half Marathon awaits me. Thanks so very much, Diane Z

I had the Rhythm Relaxing service with Kathleen and I highly recommend it. I came into the clinic feeling stressed and after only a 10 minute session I felt so grounded and relaxed; it was wonderful being able to carry that feeling outside with me as I carried on my day and the next few days too. Kathleen is a very caring and gentle practitioner and the clinic is a beautiful, calming environment. Rachel D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
After working 39 days straight, no descanso (no break), my body crashed and my lower back went on strike. Kathleen had me upright and functional in one session.  This is not the first time that she has rescued me in times of distress.  She has so many modalities under her belt to choose from depending on your situation as well as an acute body intuitiveness that is uncanny.
Kathleen, thank you again! David M.

I have had back issues for the last 20 years that impacted my life and sports. Since seeing Kathleen, my back has been much stronger and stable, and has allowed me to continue and improve in my sports. And for a 63 year old, that is fantastic. I whole heartedly recommend Kathleen to anyone. Paul L.

8/31/2015 - I found Clearly Unique and Kathleen a couple of years ago and I have been a loyal client ever since. Kathleen is a miracle worker and her intuitive healing hands know how to treat and heal all your aches and pains. Kathleen has helped me recover from shoulder surgery, hip pain from running, and neck and should tightness from sitting at my computer. I always feel so much better after my treatments and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing message therapist. In addition Kathleen offers many other services such as energy work, diet and nutrition. -Sandra P.

8/15/2015 - I found Kathleen Pleasants on Yelp eight weeks ago after struggling with a major migraine, which I've  had to endure constantly for over 10 years without much success. Unable to take OTC meds, she has helped me get rid of that migraine not only that day, however, control them daily while teaching me SO much about getting to the root cause of my various physical issues- major daily neck inflammation for the past 5 months, TMJ, migraines, anxiety and how to deal with a very stressful time of life via hypnotherapy. With 30 years of experience, once you meet her you will see that she is very patient, listens to you and extremely compassionate in dealing with what seems to me major life issues that can't be changed. Kathleen is an expert in her field. Kathleen Pleasants' unwavering commitment to your overall health with continuous re-assurance in the power of how a positive mind can not only release your negative traits by getting to the root of the problem, however, can also allow you to find a holistic balance in your body and mind. She's the real deal!  
I consider myself extremely blessed having coming across Kathleen and whole heartedly give her FIVE *****! A true professional!! -Adrianne K.

7/28/2015 - I am so thankful for Kathleen and her passion to help others. I was a little bit nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect the first time. I felt very comfortable with Kathleen from the start. She is very calm and relaxed and professional. She has a great listening ear and brings up thought provoking questions to dig deeper into any issues that need to be let go of. Kathleen has shared with me some tools to help me succeed in everyday life and now I feel more confident and positive. I am grateful to leave some of my negative past behind and look forward to a wonderful, fulfilled future. My family relationships have improved and I feel better physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Kathleen and her services. -Shannon B.

7/28/2015 - I'm so glad I chose Kathleen as my hypnotherapist!  She is a true professional and is genuinely interested and concerned about me.  I find her to be very comforting and sincere.  She has greatly helped me with my insomnia and has helped me with keeping focus and finding clarity.  I definitely recommend her. -Yvette S.

7/22/2015 - This place is AMAZING!!! I got such relief for aches and pains and have gone back so many times. This is a hidden gem!!! -Mike E.

6/23/2015 - Hands down, the best.  I've been reluctant to write a review, because if word gets out about how amazing Kathleen is, she is going to be booked up until the end of time.  Here goes anyways, because she really is a miracle worker.  I've suffered from back pain, neck pain, knee pain - whole body pain for decades.  I've been to a slew of doctors, chiropractors, and specialists.  I tried everything from pills, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage, but nothing was effective for pain management.  I didn't want to give up on massage just yet, so I started exploring different therapists and wellness centers all over San Diego County.  I experienced all sorts of strange techniques everywhere from being doused with massage oil to being stroked like a kitten to being slapped - yes, open handed back slaps.  Just as I was about to give up on finding a therapist, I stumbled across Kathleen's magical world of relaxation and pain relief.  She is extremely knowledgeable, her technique is flawless, and you will leave her incredibly capable hands feeling a deep calm throughout.  I've been coming to Kathleen for a few years now, and I am no longer on a pill popping pain management regimen, my visits to the doctor's office are nearly obsolete, and I haven't had a trip to the ER since. Her work is both therapeutic and relaxing. I know this is super cheesy, but she is seriously 'clearly unique.' There is no one else like her, and there's no one else who does what she does. Trust me, I've looked! -June B.

4/30/2015 - ​As a 59 year-old who played many sports (baseball, football, street/ice hockey) from boyhood to well into my 40s, coupled with my life-long terrible posture, my body has paid quite a price. Historically I would get physical therapy for individual aches and chiropractic for more significant hurts. In the last few years, however, those treatments either provided only temporary relief, or got to a point of diminishing returns. About two months ago, I turned to Kathleen just to get a relaxing massage to help cope with a number of recent stressful situations.  As she worked, we talked about my life’s and body’s history…by the end of the hour, I felt lighter, physically and emotionally. She explained that neuromuscular therapy addresses the entire person, body, mind and soul. I put my faith in her and she went to work. Each week I learn more about anatomy in general, and mine in particular…I’ve come to see just how amazing the human body is…if you take care of it.  I had not for decades.  Additionally, at the appropriate times she introduces me to particular stretching or strengthening exercises, designed to address specific weaknesses or functions. She made it clear that it is my responsibility to follow the exercise regimen in between sessions…and I have taken that seriously.
Now, two months’ worth of weekly visits later, my posture has gone from what she calls a forward leaner (I call it a question mark) to upright (exclamation point!), shoulders back, chest out, and muscles seem to be rebounding. I feel far less stress on the legs, hips, lower back…just more relaxed.  My circulation has improved noticeably, appetite has come roaring back (but I am not gaining weight…she has me eating healthier), I sleep much better, wake up with little grogginess, clearer head, etc. The daily compliments I am receiving from family, friends and co-workers tell me I am on the right track…still work to do, but I am just amazed and excited at where this is taking me! Kathleen gets my strongest recommendation!  -Patrick S. 

7/14/2014 - I've been seeing Kathleen for about a year now and I am so pleased with the results.  I have low back problems which Kathleen has helped to improve.  My Chiropractic visits have decreased greatly and my body feels better and much more flexible.  I have seen many massage therapist over the years and Kathleen is the best I've had and  I've had some good ones.  I love the way she works out my physical issues through her vast knowledge of how our bodies work and then she spends the time needed to relax me at the end.  You can't go wrong with Kathleen and Clearly Unique. -Mark L.

10/25/2013 - Went there yesterday and had a wonderful experience. Kathleen used different techniques than others that are used to get at the root of the problem.  I signed up for more massages based on my first experience. 
-Beth H.

9/12/2013 - I had a fantastic experience here today which far exceeded my expectations. I have been suffering continuously for years from major neck tension and a particular kind of pain and discomfort. She pinpointed the problem areas immediately and went to work, using exactly the right pressure as well as techniques I had not experienced in many many years of massage therapy for the same condition. Her interaction throughout the session was informative and genuine. Kathleen is truly gifted healer that clearly cares to solve your issues. I am feeling very much better and I will be returning regularly. - Alberto M.

8/13/2013 - I have been going to Clearly Unique Wellness Center- Kathleen for over a year now and have no intention to go anywhere else.  Working in front of a computer more than 1/3 of my day M-F has caused lots of muscle pains. I had many people work on me before and the result hadn't been as incredible as what I got from Kathleen.  Many times I found myself still in pain walking out of other clinics including massage envy. However, with Kathleen's magical techniques, each massage would last me weeks which has never happened. Also, I have tried several infrared body wrap treatments and the experiences were surprisingly pleasant. Being fat has always been difficult for me and the infrared body wrap truly helps. Not saying I can go out to eat a dozen of donuts and lose weight but it cleans your body! It feels like a fresh start, now your stomach is a piece of blank paper and it's up to you regarding what to put in it. 
I would recommend this place to anyone any day, LOVE this place!! -Journey G.

8/1/2013 - Kathleen is an amazing masseuse, with an intuitive touch. I found her through Groupon but immediately signed up for a package of massages; she was and IS that great. It's been almost a year now, and I always look forward to my appointments. I have chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Kathleen's massages really help keep me active and relaxed. -Terry B.

8/1/2013 - Kathleen has magic hands! I first came to her for a massage with a groupon deal, not expecting too much. By far she is the best therapist I've ever seen and I've been to several. I have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which included facial paralysis on one side. After only a few visits and her working around my eye, my face is looking better and almost 100%  (I've tried many other things to help this in the past). I also decided to try the Infrared Body Wrap and was very pleased with how she took great care of me during the session. Fabulous results there as well and I'm always pain free when I walk out her door. So grateful I found her! –Shannon B.

7/31/2013 - I have been a client with Kathleen Pleasants at Clearly Unique Wellness Center for over a year now. I'm a massage therapist and have worked with some of the best and very selective of who I choose. Hands down in my 20 years in the healing arts Kathleen is the best I've worked with. She has consistently provided me with quality massages and invaluable wellness consultations. Recently, I injured my lower back during a weight training exercise which left me almost immobile. I went to Kathleen for help & to my surprise after only one session I was 75% better & mobile again. She gave me exercises to do at home and after several days I was 90% pain free and moving normally. I highly recommend Kathleen Pleasants at Clearly Unique Wellness Center. We are lucky to have such a well trained & genuinely caring professional in our community who really knows her stuff. -Damon K.

05/30/2013 - My Infrared treatment coupled with a soothing massage was the best thing I have done for myself in a long, long time. I cannot wait for my next treatment. Thank you Kathleen!! -Susan C.

4/1/2013 - I bought a massage for my pregnant sister. She has been to other massage therapists before and always left with feeling blah, like it made no difference. But she LOVED Kathleen! In fact, I will be buying more sessions for my sister this week. -E.S.

10/16/2012-  I've had about seven massages all by different therapists the past year.   Most were good, one was awful, but Kathleen far surpassed even the good ones.  She did areas that I normally want avoided, but with her it felt really good.  She also knows how to read her clients and can tell how much pressure to use. I love it that I didn't have to tell her to use more or less pressure. She just knows!  But she will also ask you just to make sure it's not too hard or too soft.  She worked my knots out without hurting me! - Cindy H.

​5/30/2012 - I visited Kathleen at Clearly Unique because I had hurt my neck and shoulder and could hardly turn my head (plus, I could really use the relaxing massage).  She immediately knew the problem and was fantastic!  I felt great afterward, and the best part was NO PAIN!  She has also worked on my tendonitis and has kept the usual cramping and tendonitis pain AWAY... its been completely gone for months now. Kathleen has great energy, is professional and friendly and really knows her trade! -Nicole B.

5/28/2012 - I started going for shoulder work after an accident.  I thought there was no hope for my pain but Kathleen was able to stop the pain, and get my movement back to normal.  Then I started to get treatments for carpal tunnel.  It really made a big difference in my movement and coordination in my hands even after the first visit. -B.T.

03/28/2012 - I broke my leg 3 years ago and every step I took for 3 years hurt... I went back to the hospital several times and they told me that there is no reason for my leg/ankle to hurt. I assured them it did.. After my first appointment with Kathleen my pain was reduced by about 80%.. After 5 sessions, I walk without pain.. Kathleen I can't thank you enough. –Patrick
3/17/2012 - Kathleen has given me excellent massage treatments, applying very interesting and creative techniques. I am a massage therapist myself and do not give such a praise lightly. We have also had numerous enlightening conversations on various themes, related to nutrition, spirituality, self-care, and personal responsibility in any health-related quest. From these discussions I could tell that Kathleen is an enthusiastic educator, dedicated to life-long learning. She grabs one's attention with her luminous personality, trust in the process of life, and sincere desire to help others achieve their best. -Marianna E.

04/04/2012 - Clearly Unique is the BEST of the BEST! I was in pain and could barely move my neck. At one point, I was even undergoing chiropractic manipulations and therapy, but little changed. Because of Kathleen s expertise and magic hands, I have been pain free for several years now, and have full motion of my neck. -D.J.

2/28/2012 - I met Kathleen with desperate neck issues. After seeing many massage therapist finally made it to her. She knew exactly what to do to SOLVE ...yes SOLVE my problem. She is by far the best healer I have ever met. Kathleen never stops learning about new ways to heal...From Neuromuscular to Reiki and stretching, Kathleen is even certified in nutrition counseling. She is also an instructor for many things. I myself became a massage therapist through Kathleen and I am an excellent massage therapist today. You can't go wrong with Clearly Unique ....as Kathleen Pleasants is....CLEARLY UNIQUE. -Susan W.

2/27/2012 - "I first came to Kathleen for weakness in my right hand that was causing me to drop some items and not be able to place larger objects onto a shelf. Kathleen was able to work the issue out for me in just 3 visits and I no longer experience any weakness in my hand and arm. Later I was told I needed Surgery for a bone spur on the heal of my right foot. I had remembered how Kathleen helped with my other issue and I asked if she could help. She, again, worked on my calve and foot for 3 sessions and I no longer needed the surgery! It's been almost 6 years and no surgery. *I highly recommend Kathleen for neuromuscular work."  -Seth M.