About Kathleen

Kathleen Pleasants, HHP
Kathleen is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher and Published Author who has been practicing in the wellness field professionally since ‘1983’. Kathleen has over 15,000 hours of study, practice & teaching and is a Nationally Certified Continuing Education Provider. She has over 65 professional certifications which include training in Advanced Massage Therapy, Postural Correction, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Energy Balancing, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Therapy, Coaching, Classes & Workshops. She has taught in many schools and has developed her own workshops and courses. She has traveled extensively to study with the top teachers in their field to bring the best technologies to her clients. She believes that each person has Unique needs and she's committed to offering the best services to help meet those needs.

Kathleen’s purpose is to partner with everyone she works with in finding their optimal well being by applying over 30 years of experience of successfully helping her clients meet their personal goals.

Mission Statement

Clearly Unique is built upon understanding the individual needs of each person. We believe that there are many doors to wellness, and by constantly seeking the best therapies and training possible we can open many doors for our clients to choose from on their path to health and vitality -not limited to the body, but for the mind, emotions and spirit as well. 

As a Partner in Wellness, it is Kathleen's goal to provide the best care and information possible in it's simplest form with a focus on comfort, education and appreciation for all who enter her center today and everyday.

She is recognized by the NCBTMB as a Provider for Continuing Education.


Therapeutic Massage Course 1988 • Reflexology 1988 • Touch for Health/Applied Kinesiology 1988 • Myofascial Release – Cranial Sacral Therapy 1989 • X-Ray Technician 1989 • Bach Flower Essences 1997 • Active Isolated Stretching (FL) 1999 • Soft Tissue Release 2000 (Stuart Taws, Pa) • IET Therapy (New Jersey) 2000 • Hypnotherapy 2000 • Minister/Holistic Counselor 2001 • Personal Trainer Certification – Stay Young Fitness Corp 2001 • Group Fitness Instructor (ACE) 2001 • Nutritional Counseling 2002 • Reconnective Energy Therapy (N.Y. Dr. Eric Pearl) 2002 • Scientific Personal Trainer – Chek Institute 2003 • Hot Stones Massage Therapy 2004 • Raindrop Therapy 2004 • Neuromuscular Therapy Certification (Paul St. John, FL) 2005 • Posturology (Paul St. John, New Jersey) 2005 • Exercise Coach – Chek Institute (FL) 2005 • Medicinal Aromatherapy (AZ Barry Kapp) 2005 • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach – Chek Institute (CA) 2005 • Clay Anatomy (Philadelphia) 2005 • BioHealth Diagnostics Lab Test Analysis (Chicago, IL) 2005 • Brain Gym (Education Kinesiology, MD) 2006 • Exercise Kinesiology- Chek Institue (Chicago, IL) 2006 • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor – Health Excel (Ca.) 2006 • Structural Integration Techniques 2006 • Neurosomatics with Paul St. John (Ocean City, NJ) 2007 • Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians 2007 • BioSet Practitioner Certification & Advanced Training (Dallas,TX & MD) 2008 • Gestalt Therapy 2009 • Yoga Instructor Course 2009 • Holistic Health Practitioner – American Association of Drugless Practitioners 2012 • Orthopedic Massage Certification Course 2012,  •Skin Needling 2013 • Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course 2014 - 2015 • Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst 2015 • NLP (Neuro-linquistic Practitioner) 2015 • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique 2016 • Master Reflexologist 2017 • Orthopedic Massage Intensive, 40 hour Certification 2017 • CPR/First Aid – Continuing Education…

Kathleen has over 15,000 hours of study, practice & teaching and is a Nationally Certified Continuing Education Provider.

Kathleen Pleasants,HHP
Certificate Number# 27184

AADP Certificate Number# 13983204

ABMP Member ID# 701407

HMI Diploma Number# 101183

Continuing Education Classes through the AHA:
Smoking Cessation Certificate# 134772
Hypnosis & Pain Management Certificate# 141738
Stage Hypnosis Certificate# 140738
Hypnosis and Weightloss Certificate# 140269
Advanced Weightloss Certificate# 140270
EFT Certificate# 139466
Advanced EFT Certificate# 139467
NLP Certificate# 136995
Clincal Case History Certificate# 132512
Advanced Handwriting Analysis Certificate# 138440
Hypnosis and Transgender Clients Certificate# 131975

Master Reflexologist Certification# RCB-17003